Chapter Meetings

e will again be meeting with the Twin Cities Record Guild at Olivet Congregational Church at 1850 Iglehart Ave (one block north of Marshall and one block west of Fairview). Meetings start at 2:00 pm.

All are welcome at our monthly meetings and play sessions whether a first-timer, an advanced player, or something in between. Even if you've never touched a viol before or don't have an instrument feel free to just show up. We almost always have extra instruments on hand for you to try and there are any number of people who would be more than happy to give elementary instruction.

Our monthly meetings often include presentations by local musicians. And participants are able to browse the excellent selection of music offered by Honeysuckle Music during breaks from playing.

2004-2005 season:

Chapter Meeting - Sun., Sept. 12, 2004 Free sight-reading session. Bring your favorites!
Chapter Meeting - Sun., Oct. 17th, 2004 Early Renaissance.
Chapter Meeting - Sun., Nov. 21st, 2004 Open playing session. Bring your favorites!
Chapter Meeting - Sun., Dec. 12th, 2004 Open playing session. Bring your favorites!
Chapter Meeting - Sun., Jan 16th, 2004 Michael Foote presents Tafel Music
Chapter Meeting - Sun., February 20th, 2005 Playing session with the Twin Cities Recorder Guild;
Introductory viol lesson for recorder players
Chapter Meeting - Sun., March 20th, 2005 Gerald Hoekstra of St. Olaf College presents chansons of his new A-R volume
Chapter Meeting - Sun., April 17th, 2005 Presentation by Julie Elhard.
Chapter Meeting - Sun., May 15th, 2005 TBD

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